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Reward your well behaved pooch with a delicious snack in the form of this 1kg Box of Probono Dog Biscuits with a delectable Spare Rib Flavour. These biscuits are made with love, oven baked and are jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They also fight against the build up of play and tartar on your dogs teeth and gums which can cause tooth decay. Your large dog will benefit from the immune system boosting ingredients without the fear of putting on the pounds as these biscuits are low fat but big in flavour. These crunchy treats are high in calcium which aid and support the strengthening of teeth and bones, and essential fatty acids will keep your pooch’s coat shiny and healthy! There are no harmful additives like preservatives, colourants, or artificial flavours, so you can be sure you are giving your pet a snack that is not only tail-naggingly tasty, but healthy too! || * Dog Biscuits | * Large Dogs | * No Preservatives, Additives, or Colourants | * Spare Rib Flavour | * Vitamin A, E & B | * Size:1kg

Probono Biscuits Large Dogs - Spare Ribs 1kg

VAT Included
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