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The Royal Canin Health Sensible Cat Food is designed for cats with sensitive digestive systems, over 1 years old.

Three kibble shapes (cross, rectangle and triangle), are formulated with aromas and flavours to help stimulate and satisfy the cat with an inconsistent appetite.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal Digestion - Supports digestion and healthy balance of intestinal flora, contributing to good stool quality.
  • High Palatability - Three different kibble shapes and an attractive formula with carefully selected flavourings to stimulate food intake in sensitive cats.
  • Concentrated Energy - Contains a higher energy density leading to smaller meal sizes. This decreases digestive workload for your cat.
  • Urinary Health - Contains a combination of minerals that help maintain your adult cat's urinary system.

Royal Canin Sensible Cat 2kg

VAT Included
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